Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm in love.

Yes, that's right. I thought it would never happen, but it's true...I'm in love!

Sorry for those of you who thought there was going to be something interesting or juicy in this post. C'mon y'all should know that I'm not that exciting. But I AM in love with a HOUSE!!! That's almost as exciting, right? She has been a small controversy in the town, so I am curious to hear what anyone thinks. So without further ado, here she is in all of her glory...

Cute, huh? Well, I don't really care what anyone else thinks to be honest. It has kinda become a joke around town that I want this house. My project partner keeps telling me that it's dangerous, it will make me look poor (which I am here? his point is...?), and that people could stick their hands through the rotting wood to rob me. Blah, blah, blah. Everyone laughs when he tells them that that's where I want to live, but I think it has a humble, yet sophisticated charm. It's quaint, really. Even the concrete slaughter-house type thing that is connected to it makes me excited. I already decorated it in my head!

The problem is that, when one of the head honcho peace corps guys visited, everyone at my work tattled on me and my desire for that house. He sided with them?! and said that I really should heed their advice and find a place that is not isolated or falling apart. :o(

I've always known that I was stubborn, but I swear living here has brought it out even more. For a while after that conversation with Domingo, I only wanted that house even more. I have looked at other places (which I will post pics of eventually), and I know that I am going to have to find a place that will pass housing check...but my heart belongs to this one and its slaughter house.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally something other than awkward situation recaps... my town!

Here I am. In Juan López, Moca. Population: 11,000 + 1 American. And I absolutely love this town! It’s a little (ok…a lot) bigger than what I had originally wanted, but I really think it’s working out perfectly so far. It’s centrally located, the people are great, and I think it’s a beautiful little town (insert desperate plea for visitors HERE).

Here are some pics of my new pueblo…

My host parents! (oops...pic coming soon) They are amazing. She is my favorite Dominican cook that I have come across AND I get fruit every night! My don is really cute, too. He is unlike a lot of Dominican men because he does some chores around the house, sometimes cooks, and even helps with the grandkids. Cute fam.

They have 8 kids, all but 1 are married and out of the house. All of their million grandkids come over all of the time, and that’s when I know that we will get to watch WWE wrestling. My fave. The nights usually consist of all of the little boys screaming and practicing their moves. On me. Good times for all. They all are precious, but the one I absolutely love is Marielva...

Mi casa!

Here is the CTC where I work!

Here are some of my coworkers…

This is Delvin. He is the encargado (he’s in charge) of the Centro, and he is also my official project partner. Hmm…how do I put this? …He is definitely the life of any party. He rides around town on his little moto, smiles and waves at single community member, and everyone in town loves him. He really is a great. He’s the one that took me around to meet everyone in town, and I am fairly positive his favorite game is “Guess How Old Our New Volunteer Is??” Then he just laughs and laughs whenever the person guesses anywhere from 12-17. 12…really? Delvin also has gotten in the bad habit of buying me tons of snacks throughout the day, such as candy bars, protein shakes, pork rinds, juice, chips, and many more. Because I am an American and that is what I eat between meals: pork rinds and protein shakes.

This is Pedro, another guy with whom I will be working a lot. He teaches the informatica classes, runs the ever-so-thriving chess club, and is more of the serious type. We have already become pretty good friends, talking about relationships, religion, cultural differences, the works. He is engaged to a really sweet girl, Ibonne, and they are precious together. They have already asked me to be something in their wedding…I looked up the word in the dictionary, and it said “godmother.” So apparently I shook hands to being somehow involved in their wedding? Basically it could be anything from cutting the cake to jumping out of said cake to paying for the whole dang shenanigan. Vamos a ver.
Pedro & Ibonne.
Me & Ibonne.

Other people at the CTC!

Dog update: So things are much better since my last update! Delvin and I went back to the old lady's house the next morning, and she practically threw the dog back at me. Sometime throughout her night with the puppy, she decided she hated it and couldn't keep it...oops. Because of this, Delvin and I took the orphan puppy to his grandma's house (good luck, grams), and everyone was happy. I am still friends with Delvin and the sweet woman...nobody was mad at me & the dog has a home. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Will write again soon! Love you guys!