Wednesday, December 30, 2009

so i guess i'm a "blogger" now...

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I have been online trying to figure out this whole blog process for a large portion of the evening. I've had about every background...from hot pink with purple cursive writing to black with lime green writing. That one was a little scary. However, I think I have finally found a decent background, and I am slowly becoming a little more comfortable with the ins and outs of blogspot. (If anyone would like to give me quick tutorial on how people make the customized backgrounds, that would be great!) ...but since the only people who are probably really going to read this are members of my family (none of whom are any more technologically savvy than myself), then I guess I retract that last statement.

No worries, Grandma Hoing or Aunt Thula, I'll figure it out by myself.

I have been meaning to start this thing for a long time. The other Peace Corps volunteers that i have been stalking since the summer all started their blogs as soon as they began the application process. The less efficient ones all started theirs after they found out where they were assigned, So, a year after I applied and 2 months before I leave, I figured it was time. After all, you never know how long these social networking sites are going to take to learn. I haven't even attempted to try that Skype thing yet.

To recap my PC experience thus far:

-started applying in December 2008
-interviewed in January '09
-found out that I was nominated for the Business Advising program in February...they also told me that I would probably be in a Spanish speaking country, but they weren't sure
.........looooong 7 months...............
-in September, I got my invitation!! :o) found out that I am going to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! also, that I am leaving in March to be involved with the Information and Communication Technology program (no worries...I am not going to be teaching the people in developing areas about blogging. thank goodness)

I will be leaving on March 2, 2010. They also put on the invitation the date that I will be returning home...May 12, 2012. That seems so far away!

I am really excited to see God's plan for the next 2 years. Everything has worked out perfectly so far, and I can't wait to start this new adventure.

Hopefully I will do a decent job at updating this thing; however, no promises, Aunt Mary. Adios!!

Look at me go...started a blog, actually made my first update, AND threw in some Spanish. WOW. Next step: Skype.