Thursday, October 13, 2011

Construye Tus Suenos.

Tomorrow two of my jovenes and I leave for a 3 day business plan competition in the Capital. These kids worked for 3 months in my business course, deciding what business they wanted to start, learning the ins and out of the planning process, collecting community data, planning the budget, learning about target market, accounting, marketing, the 4 P’s, point of equilibrium, you name it. Walton College of Business- you would have been proud.

One of my students was selected to compete for the chance to win up to 60,000 pesos, so I am very excited for her! She wants to start a repostería (pastry shop) called Linda Repostería (Pretty Pastry Shop :o), sweet huh?). It is a 3 day conference that some of the Peace Corps volunteers in the Business Sector have organized, and it really is an incredible opportunity for young people in this country. There will be panel discussions, games, educational charlas, a dance, and each competitor will be graded on a 10 minute presentation that they’re required to give. My girl, Lisbeth, is really excited and has been practicing her Powerpoint presentation since…well, just yesterday, actually…but she tells me that she’s going to work really hard tonight! Haha. My other student, Eliyen, will not be competing; however, he still gets to go and participate. I anticipate millions of posing photos and “serious” and/or “sexy” look shots in my future. Oh Dominican youth.

Like I said, the competition will last until Sunday, so we will see if my kid can bring home the big bucks. Money or no money, I am so happy that there are competitions like this in the DR. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to work hard at something, and then be rewarded for it by going to an educational camp. I look forward to seeing all of the bright, shining faces of the kids from all over the country and see their hard work. Should be a good time!

Wish us luck!

Here is her logo that she created…

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